Wine Weekdays Passport, Monday-Fridays, 1/2/15-6/30/15

weekday passport cover 2014 SMLVisit the Trail during weekdays, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday and Friday, for a more intimate wine tasting experience with far fewer crowds. At $15 plus tax, this passport gives residents and visitors alike a convenient and affordable way to enjoy many of the wineries on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail.


Valid Mondays through Fridays, January 2, 2015 through June 30, 2015
During each winery's regular tasting room hours.


$15.00 plus sales tax (one passport per person, limited quantity sold, and all passport products are non-refundable) **THIS PASSPORT IS NOT INTENDED FOR LARGE GROUPS. If you are traveling in groups of 8 or more people, additional tasting fees will apply. Click Group Tours to learn more about large groups on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail.

Wine Weekday Passports can be purchased at participating wineries starting January 2, 2015 through it's expiration June 30, 2015 or while supplies last. They will be available to purchase online that date as well, but can take 2-3 weeks to be delivered as we mail them via USPS but on occassion have had delivery issues so we recommend purchasing them at the wineries.  You should call ahead to confirm the winery has this passport in stock. Wineries will oftentimes set passports aside for you, so you can be assured they'll be waiting for you upon your arrival.

A passport is a simple document that for a set price enables an individual to enjoy a free, standard flight of wines at each of the participating wineries listed in the booklet one time each. Normal tasting fees at the wineries range from $2-$5 per winery and a flight of wine typically range from 4-8, 1 oz. samples of their wine. Passports are an especially great value for regional residents that can readily visit our Trail more than once per season, enabling them to explore all of the many participating wineries across multiple weeks. One-time visitors to the region that plan on visiting at least 8-10 wineries will likely also find this product to be a good value. If your plan is to visit fewer than 8 wineries, then it is probably wise to not purchase the passport, and instead pay the incremental tasting fees that are common to most wineries in the region. These passport programs are not valid for groups of 8 or more people.

Here is how it works: once you've purchased a passport, you can visit any of the participating wineries during their regular business hours, at your leisure. The winery will stamp or mark the appropriate space in your passport. There are no blackout dates, they are good every week day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) through its duration; you may visit some wineries one day, come back at a later date and visit a few more!

This year all three of our passport products will now feature a perk that we tested with our 2013 Riesling to Visit Passport, and found it to be successful and appreciated by our customers. If you purchase at least one bottle of wine at a majority of the participating wineries in a given passport, make sure the winery stamps that separate, designated page in your passport. Provided you mail that stamped page back to the Trail office by the due date, you will receive a complimentary passport of the same kind, for the next season! Please review each page in the passport to learn more about the individual participating winery, the hours they are open, dates when they might be closed (especially during the off season), and any specials they may have.

As of June 18, 2015 the following wineries have these many Passports for sale in their tasting room. It is always recommended that you call the winery where you plan on purchasing your passports a day or two before arrival to make sure they still have copies in stock:

Glenora- 2
Bagley's- 1
Wagner- 2

Ravines - none
Belhurst- none
White Springs Winery - none
Serenity - none

Seneca Shore- none
Anthony Road- none
Earle Estates - none
Torrey Ridge - none
Villa Bellangelo - none
Fruit Yard- none
Fulkerson - none
Rock Stream - none
Lakewood - none
Castel Grisch - none
J.R. Dill Winery - none
Atwater - none
Chateau LaFayette - none
Hazlitt 1852 - none
Penguin Bay - none
Standing Stone - none
Lamoreaux - none
Ventosa - none

2015 participating wineries and their operating hours during this passport program:

WWP 2015 map

WWP 2015 hours


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