Chocolate & Wine Weekend, February 19-21, 2016

chocolate wine 2015 webEnjoy a self-guided tour around beautiful Seneca Lake. Pick up your gift item at your chosen starting winery then start sampling chocolates, or foods prepared with chocolate, creatively paired with wine. Over the 2-1/2 day event, visit 30 unique participating wineries and enjoy a weekend of fun and relaxation. And with the event's proximity to Valentine's Day, spending the weekend with a loved one, sampling wine and eating an diverse variety of chocolate and chocolate-themed dishes, there is no better way to your love for each other than by enjoying this weekend-long event, together.  This event is now sold out.



February 19-21, 2016


Friday, 1-5 p.m., Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Tickets are good for 2-1/2 days. Come for one day or the whole event weekend!

Ticket Prices


Click here to purchase tickets.  

$40 per person (wine tasting ticket)
$30 for designated driver tickets (alternative non-alcoholic beverage offered)

Tickets purchased are not refundable, exchangeable or changeable and the winery you chose to start at when purchasing your tickets cannot be altered. Seneca Lake Wine Trail events are never cancelled. Tickets do not include lodging or transportation.

chocolate wine 2015 webEach attendee will enjoy a complimentary sample of the dish served by the winery, paired with about 3 different modest samples of wine intended to complement that dish best.  With so many wineries participating in our events, attendees oftentimes visit many wineries in a day, therefore entire flights of wine samples are not served by each winery during the event. Certainly if you're especially enthusiastic about the samples you enjoyed initially, you will be permitted to purchase an entire flight.  

Ticket orders will be securely processed by our partner site Eventbrite. Eventbrite will send you a confirmation email immediately after you've completed the transaction, but physical tickets will not mailed to you.

You must start at your chosen starting winery to get checked in and pick up the actual card stock ticket. Participating wineries will require that you have your actual cardstock ticket before you can begin enjoying this event. Printouts of the ticket purchase confirmation email do not qualify as tickets.

Furthermore, because of this, it is even more important that groups of attendees purchase their tickets on one order, to guarantee that all attendees will have the exact same starting winery. Lastly, bundles of tickets can only be picked up by the person who purchased them. If you have any questions about our e-ticketing system, please call the office during regular business hours at 877-536-2717. 

Sometimes our events sell out, so you should purchase your tickets well in advance of the event itself. For those events that do not sell out, we stop selling tickets in advance by 1:00 p.m. EST the Wednesday before the event weekend.  After that, for events that are not sold out, tickets will be available to purchase at a few designated wineries, with an additional charge of $5 per ticket.

Important group size policies:  Groups of 19 or fewer people can attend the event together without having to make appointments at the wineries.  However groups of 20 and up to 40 people will be accepted only if routed by the Trail office and are limited All large groups must be booked 60 days prior to and event weekend.  Few large groups are permitted and we reserve the right to limit the number of large groups and motor coaches purchasing tickets to our events to four (4).  Please call Glenda Stermer-Simpson toll-free to inquire about large group event details at 877-536-2717.


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Event Co-Sponsor This event does not have an event co-sponsor. If your regional chocolate-based company is interested in getting involved in this event, please contact Paul Thomas at 607-535-8080.

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world, long enjoyed for its wonderful chocolate_wine_weekendtaste. The cocoa butter in chocolate is unique because it melts at mouth temperature, slowly releasing rich chocolate flavor during eating. In addition to its savored taste, researchers are discovering new information about this cherished treat.

Not only is chocolate and red wine a tantalizing combination for its sensational taste, but research shows these foods also contain antioxidants which may be good for health. In September, 1996, The Lancet ³ reported cocoa powder and chocolate contain a relatively high amount of phenolic compounds, which possess antioxidant properties. Further, they found the compounds possess properties that may be beneficial in reducing the risk for coronary heart disease.

A 1.5 ounce chocolate bar contains about the same amount of total phenolic compounds as a 5-ounce serving of red wine, which has been associated with a reduced risk for coronary heart disease.

Promotion/Discount Codes

promo code 2016 GraphicNew this year, many of our 2016 events have discount codes associated with them. During the checkout process, where you're selecting how many tickets you want to purchase, look for the link "Enter Promotional Code", below where you will select which tickets you will be purchasing, as illustrated with this graphic. Discount codes may not be combined with any other offers. Only valid for online ticket purchases. Discount valid for ticketed events, not Trail Passports. Tickets purchased without a discount code cannot be retroactively discounted later. Restrictions and exclusions may apply. Void where prohibited.



Of course we, the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, believe this is a terrific event... But don't take just our word for it! Below are some testimonials from past attendees of this annual event:

"We have a lot of great memories from our numerous trips to Seneca but the one that will stick with us forever occurred last February when we were visiting for the wine & chocolate weekend. So here goes....

My wife & I and two other couples were staying at the Ramada Lakefront for the 2008 wine & chocolate weekend. My wife & I got up on Sunday morning (2/10/08), packed and loaded the vehicle in preparation for our departure and the afternoon trip to the eastern shore Seneca wineries.
Our vehicle was parked at the eastern end of the Ramada within 25 or 30 feet of the side door. We took our usual mile or two walk along the Seneca shoreline under a brilliant blue sky on a crisp beautiful February morning. We met the other two couples plus my cousin, who lives south of Geneva, for breakfast in the Ramada lakefront dining room. As we enjoyed one of Don's (the cook) famous omelets, we marveled at the beauty of the lake and the brilliant sunshine and cloudless blue sky to the south as well as recounting the events of Saturdays tasting along the western shore wineries. We lingered in the dining room until around 11:30 (wineries don't open until 12 on Sundays) and then we checked out at the front desk. We walked the length of the Ramada and when we opened the eastern door it was an absolute and total white out of snow. We couldn't even see our vehicle. We were shocked and tried to figure out what happened. We made a mad dash for the vehicle and were completely covered with snow in seconds. When we got into vehicle, the wind felt like it was going to blow us into the lake. In the two or three minutes we waited for the truck to warm up and get some of the 3 or 4 inches of snow (that came down in minutes) off, the blizzard stopped, the sun returned, but the wind stayed!!! Our trip to Ventosa, Lamoreoux, Red Newt, and Chateau Lafayette was marked by more brilliant sun interspersed with shots of wind driven whiteouts of snow with gusts of 50 or 60 MPH cutting across Route 96A and 414. We persevered (sacrifices have to occasionally be made), had a great day of wine & chocolate tasting AND we will never forget the great Seneca Whiteout of 2008!!!"
- Wayne

"One of the wineries I like the best is Fulkersons. Before they renovated when attending chocolate and wine weekend, they would have their famous chocolate chili simmering on the wood stove behind the bar and it was wonderful. Looking forward to Deck the Halls 2009!"
- Michelle

And below are some photos of event attendees from 2008



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