Preferred Pairings, February 28, March 21 or May 16, 2015

FLCT Logo color-backgroundThis is the Seneca Lake Wine Trail's newest series of more intimate, smaller wine and food pairing events. Partnering with the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail, Preferred Pairings are a series of three, one day events in the first half of 2015. Each participating winery will be matched up with a creamery, offering ticketed attendees 3-4 delicious pairings of regional cheese paired with our members' wines.This series of events are co-sponsored by the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail.  Each of these three event dates are individually ticketed. Tickets purchased in advance are $20 per person.

In some cases a creamery may offer one cheese, paired against 3-4 different wines to see which pairing best appeals to your palette. At other locations, the creamery might present 3-4 different cheeses, paired with 3-4 different wines. Some creameries might also provide a brief presentation about their farm and product(s) at 10:30am, shortly after the event has begun. Therefore it is best that you select your starting winery principally based on which creamery you would like to learn more about.


February 28 OR March 21 OR May 16, 2015


Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Tickets are good for only one day, and one of these events. To attend all three events, three different tickets must be purchased.

Advance Ticket Prices


$20 per person     Click here to purchase tickets 

Tickets do not include lodging or transportation.  Ticket orders will be securely processed by our partner site Eventbrite. You must start at your starting winery, because until you visit your chosen starting winery, you will not have your actual tickets. The document emailed to you by Eventbrite does not qualify as your ticket and wineries will require that you have your actual cardstock ticket before you can begin enjoying this event. Furthermore, because of this, it is even more important that groups of attendees purchase their tickets on one order, to guarantee that all attendees will have the exact same starting winery. Lastly, bundles of tickets can only be picked up by the person who purchased them. If you have any questions about our e-ticketing system, please call the office during regular business hours at 877-536-2717.

Tickets purchased are not refundable, exchangeable or changeable and the winery you chose to start at when purchasing your tickets cannot be altered. Seneca Lake Wine Trail events are never cancelled.

Sometimes our events sell out, so you should purchase your tickets well in advance of the event itself. For those events that do not sell out, we stop selling tickets in advance by 1:00 p.m. EST the Wednesday before the event weekend. After that tickets will be available to purchase at a few designated wineries, with an additional charge of $5 per ticket.

Important group size changes for 2015:  Groups of 19 or fewer people can attend the event together without having to make appointments at the wineries. Larger groups are not permitted.



The following wineries will be paired with the following creameries during this Preferred Pairing event:
Zugibe Vineyards - 4 Tin Fish Farm
Three Brothers Wineries & Estates - Heaven Scent Farm
Ventosa Vineyards - Muranda Cheese Company
Ravines Wine Cellars - Crosswinds Farm & Creamery
Belhurst Estate Winery - Sidehill Acres Goat Farm 
White Springs Winery - Kenton's Cheese Company
Fox Run Vineyards - Muranda Cheese Company
Serenity Vineyards - Sunset View Creamery
Seneca Shore Wine Cellars - Sunset View Creamery
Anthony Road Wine Company - Keeley's Cheese Company


The following wineries will be paired with the following creameries during this Preferred Pairing event:
Miles Wine Cellars - Muranda Cheese Company
Villa Bellangelo -  Sidehill Acres Goat Farm
Hickory Hollow Wine Cellars - Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery
Glenora Wine Cellars - 4 Tin Fish Farm
Fulkerson Winery - Heaven Scent Farm
Castel Grisch Winery - Sunset View Creamery
J.R. Dill Winery - Sunset View Creamery
Atwater Estate Vineyards - Crosswinds Farm & Creamery
Wagner Vineyards - Keeley's Cheese Company
Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars - Kenton's Cheese Company
Kings Garden Vineyards - Muranda Cheese Company


The following wineries will be paired with the following creameries during theis Preferred Pairing event:
Torrey Ridge Winery - Muranda Cheese Company
Earle Estates Winery & Meadery - 4 Tin Fish Farm
Fruit Yard Winery - Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery
Rock Stream Vineyards - Sunset View Creamery
Lakewood Vineyards - Kenton's Cheese Company
Chateau LaFayette Reneau - Crosswinds Farm & Creamery
Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards - Muranda Cheese Company
Penguin Bay Winery - Heaven Scent Farm
Standing Stone Vineyards - Sidehill Acres Goat Farm
Bagley's Poplar Ridge Vineyards - Sunset View Creamery

Event Co-Sponsors

 This event is co-sponsored by the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail

Below, Sarah VanOrden of Vanillen Dairy and Hallie Weakland of Glenora Wine Cellars talk about their pairings they did for January's Preferred Pairings!


And here is another video from last year's Preferred Pairings featuring Miles Wine Cellars, and their paired creamery 4 Tin Fish Farm:


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