25th Anniversary Cookbook

cookbook_cover_300x200_slwtThe Seneca Lake Wine Trail is proud to announce the release of their 25th Anniversary Cookbook! This spiral bound, original wine/food pairing cookbook boasts over 200 different recipes from all 30+ of our member wineries, plus a few popular recipes from past member wineries, and event co-sponsors from over the decades. Virtually all the recipes were culled from our 20+ years of wine and food pairing weekend events, bringing the best of the best to your kitchen. Furthermore, the cookbook has a handful of essays from regional writers like Katie Marks and Evan Dawson, and from local chefs like Deb Whiting (to whom the cookbook is dedicated), Ernie Brigham and Katherine Foss. It also boasts several additional pages of generally handy information for cooking in general, but also how to best incorporate wine into your culinary lifestyle. The wine that is recommended for each dish is noted along with that recipe, completely eliminating the tricky question facing many wine/food fans. And, since these pairings come straight from the winery itself, you know they're as good a recommendation as you could hope for!

The BEST part of our 25th Anniversary Cookbook, however, is the "List of Contributors" index near the back of the cookbook. Therein is listed all the different dishes, clustered by winery. Why would we consider this the "best" part of our innovative cookbook? Because with that index you can now, easily, wow your friends and family the next time they come over for a dinner party. Not only will you be pairing exactly the right wines with each course, but if you really want to go all out, you'll be able to design a 4+ course meal featuring recipes, and paired wines, from the same winery, creating a truly unique, vertically paired meal! Here is just one example of such a meal you could easily create:
Winery: Castel Grisch Winery
Appetizer: Liptauer paired with Castel Grisch Winery Traminette
Soup: Cream of Potato Soup paired with Castel Grisch Winery Baco Noir
Entree: Black Forest Ham and Swiss Cheese Quiche paired with Castel Grisch Winery Johannisberg Riesling
Dessert: German Chocolate Bars paired with Castel Grisch Winery Chancellor

Currently (as of 10/24/11) our cookbook can only be purchased at a few winery locations, as follows:

White Springs Winery
Fox Run Vineyards
Seneca Shore Wine Cellars
Anthony Road Wine Company
Torrey Ridge Winery
MIles Wine Cellars
Fulkerson Winery
Lakewood Vineyards
Castel Grisch Winery
J.R. Dill Winery
Atwater Estate Vineyards
Chateau LaFayette Reneau
Red Newt Cellars
Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards
Three Brothers Wineries 

If you're driving to a winery, specifically to purchase a cookbook, please call ahead to make sure they still have a copy in stock.
By the time you're reading this page, it's entirely possible more of our member wineries may be stocking this popular cookbook.
For those many fans of the Trail that live further away, the Seneca Lake Wine Trail is not currently processing online orders for this product. However, there is no harm in you calling one of these wineries, checking to see if they might be willing to let you purchase one by phone and ship it to you. 

MSRP for the cookbook is $14.95 + tax


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