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The following PDF files provide extensive details useful in the creation of articles requiring additional, background information.


Background on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail entity itself, click here.


Descriptions of some of the latest news in the region, click here.


A detailed listing of the various events the Seneca Lake Wine Trail manages each year, click here.


Descriptions of some of the many non-winery activities and points of interest that make our region a true destination click here.


And for a detailed summary of the 2012 member wineries, click here.

Below are several images that are free to use by our friends in the media for articles pertaining to the Trail or our member wineries. Please click on the thumbnail to access a higher resolution version of the photo. Appropriate photographer credit has been inserted into the image itself. If you opt to trim that crucial bit of information, or if the print size of the photo renders the credit illegible, please duplicate the original credit as necessary however is appropriate in your publication. For additional questions on these photos, or to request other photos not provided here, please contact the Trail's Executive Director at 607-535-8080. There are also several more excellent photos (some in high resolution for print purposes, others intended for use online) from a local, professional photographer Ted Crane located here and here . Please utilize his requested credit as noted at the top of each page whenever one of his images are used.

The initial handful of photos were taken during our annual Cruisin' The Tropics Weekend event, typically scheduled for the end of March each year.
Wineries typically adopt a theme, with Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards and Hickory Hollow Wine Cellars, as seen below, happened to both have pirate themes.

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